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Game News
Welcome to the Stoners Guild.
If you're on this website, you're probably already a member. Join this website as well. This is a new guild website therefore everything is not establish and it might take some time. So please excuse the lack of prepare and inefficiency of the guild and guild website. 

We are trying to make this one of the top guilds, so help recruit active members no matter the level but is willing to do guild quests. Everyone can recruit. Guild Quests could be found in AVEN on the right side of the map, NPC named Guild Quest Off. Buy the Highest possible quest from him and right click it in your inventory to accept the quest like any other quest. Usually you would buy more so you dont have to go back and forth after you are done. You get paid double what you pay for the quest and you gain an awesome amount of class exp and decent amount of general level exp too. I know i made a requirement to have a certain amount of fame to be in the guild but thats the only way to make this guild a better guild, we are really close to leveling, so please help me and yourself.
This guild is all about helping each other and having fun, help each other in DGN - dungeons and quests including guild quests, when you do guild quests together its faster and more fame for the guild.

Recruit Active Members who are willing to do guild quests. No level required.
Guild Quest = Fame = Guild's level = level 3 guild = town
Guild Quest is found in AVEN, NPC Guild Quest Off. right side of the map.
Buy lots of Guild Quests so you dont have to take trips back and forth
To do the quest, buy it then check your inventory, then right click the quest to accept it.
Do the highest guild Quest possible for maximum fame.

Rules :
1) Friendly to Guild mates
2) Go on at least once a week
3) Do at least one guild quest when you are on
4) Help each other as much as possible with DGN or GQs
5) No rolling guild mate's items in DGN -if so, you will be kicked
6) Obey me, your boss ChunChun, jk.
7) Last but not least, have fun. and stay high. 

EVENT!!! - First 5 to reach 150 fame, will be the Boss #2 of this guild when it turns level 2!!!!!!!!!!
#1 Boss #1 - TingTing
#2 - Yanme
#3 - BloodyBecca
#4 - MarDyan
#5 - Sydney5
Plus 2 extra - Gumiho / Hifumi


If you would like to show an item on chat, simply Hold ALT + Left click Item.
If you would like to see how you look in a certain item, Hold CTRL + Left click item.
If you would like to whisper the person that last whispered u back, CTRL + R
If you want background on your chat, click the keyhole and choose Background.
If you would like to separate an item, Hold Shift + Left Click then type in the amount you need to sep.

EVENT!!! - First to reach 500 fame! Wins a Research Kimono! Does not include myself or TingTing.

Winner of the Kimono is YANME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Band_Of_Thieves is current our new Allies!!!! Befriend their members, do guild quests with them. =D

Recruit Template : [Stoners] Lvl 2 recruiting active members lvl 30+ that are willing to do guild quests. We also have our own website. Whisper for invites in CH X !!

First 5 to reach 500 fame will be Boss #3when guild hits level 3!!
#1 Boss #3  NicktheSlash    
#2 - Hoy
#3 - Jewtus
#4 - Maramune

First to hit 1200 fame will get your choice of kimono, labrador or cat ALONG with a 5 Slot Pack!!!
And the winner is.... HIFUMI!!!


Make sure you guys become more active when we have town, they take back town if we have less than 30 members or less than 10 active players for 3 consecutive days!!!!!

WE HAVE TO HURRY! There is currently 43 guild towns and if there is more than 50, there are more requirements to make a town which makes it hard for us to be level 3. so we must hurry and do them GQs!! WORK HARD GUYS!

Please try to have at least 200 fame by July 5th or you will be kicked. Same as last time but to make sure you dont just stop at 30. =D
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